WINDOW GARD has an impressive list of project references and is proud to place NATO-NAMSA, USACE, NAVFAC, EUROPOL, STATSBYGG, Royal Netherlands Embassies, MoFa Canada, MoFa Denmark, multiple foreign Ministries, airports and multinationals on the list of satisfied and returning clients.


WINDOW GARD is a full service provider in infrastructure security upgrades: from custom design engineering to manufacture, supply, installation and project management. Our customer base ranges from governments, military, airports, banks, embassies, offshore industry, petro-chemical to corporate business.

With over 25+ years of experience, WINDOW GARD is renowned worldwide as the blast safety specialist, trusted by many Governments and your reliable partner for all (Antiterrorism) Force Protection projects.







Ongoing & Completed

• British High Commission, Nairobi: force protection upgrades, FCDO.
• National Bank of Belgium, Zellik (NBB): Ballistic & Forced Entry rated louvers.
• Romania Campia Turzii Air Base: Blast resistant windows to Squadron Facility, USACE.
• Int. Airport: Blast Mitigation Measures detail engineering, terminal bridge & facade.
• Qatar Al Udeid Air Base: Blast resistant doors & windows, USACE.
• Belgium: Blast resistant sliding Entrance System - Brussels Airport.
• Djibouti Camp Lemonnier; Blast resistant (sliding) doors & windows, Med. Fac., US NAFVAC.
• Indonesia: Forced Entry panic doors, roller shutters & hatch, to private residence.
• Incirlik Air Base: Blast resistant doors + wall, LJYC 16-1064, US Air Force.
• HKIA Kabul Airport: Berm Gate Guard Tower Blast & Ballistic sliding windows, NSPA NATO.
• Int. Airport: Cable Catch Systems + Anti-Shatter Films, Control Center.
• Int. Airport: Blast Vulnerability Analysis for VIP, facades, columns, slabs, roofs, bridges
• Int. Airport: Blast Vulnerability Analysis for Power Substation + Parking Deck + bridge
• Djibouti: Blast resistant windows + doors to Camp Lemonnier, US NAFVAC.
• Brunei: Blast resistant windows, Phase II to BMC Brunei Methanol Com.
• Kabul: Blast & Bullet resistant sliding windows + hatch to HKIA Base Guard Tower, NATO.
• Nigeria: Blast & Bullet resistant windows, NLNG Security Posts, Port Harcourt Head Office.
• Canada: >27.000ft² Safety Films + Anchoring Systems to Vancouver International Airport.

• Bangladesh: Gate Entry Doors + interior partitions, American Int. School Dhaka.
• Jordan: Bullet resistant curtain walls + bullet resistant doors, Kuwait Embassy.
• Kabul: FEBR & Blast resistant Doors, Louvers, Hatch for World Bank.
• Kabul: FEBR & Blast resistant Windows for World Bank.
• Ethiopia: Blast & Bullet resistant windows, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Addis Abeba.
• Kabul: Design & Supervision of Overwatch Security Guard Towers for World Bank.
• West-Africa: Blast mitigation solutions for the Embassy of Canada, Global Affairs.
• Brunei: Blast resistant windows + blast resistant double door, BMC Brunei Methanol Com.
• North-Africa: Blast mitigation solutions for the Embassy of Canada, Global Affairs.

• Greece: Blast resistant operable windows including insect screens, US NAVFAC.
• Greece: Blast + bullet resistant doors & counter windows assembly incl. trays, US NAVFAC. 
• Netherlands: Bullet + Forced Entry resistant doors and windows to Community Center.
• Curaçao: Bullet resistant bank teller counters + transaction trays + intercoms, PSB Bank.
• Abuja, Nigeria: Blast + forced entry resistant windows to Swiss/DK Embassy.
• Lillestrom, Norway: Anti-Shatter Films + Anchoring Systems to Government Building.
• Jakarta, Indonesia: Blast resistant double-doors to New Australia Embassy.
• Lagos, Nigeria: Cable Catch System + Anti-Shatter Films to MoFa, Denmark.
• Curaçao: Bullet resistant windows and doors to Min. of Finance, Netherlands, Phase 2.

• St. Maarten: Forced entry resistant windows to Ministry of Interior, Netherlands.
• United Nations, Rwanda: Anti-shatter films to UNDP buildings.
• Malatya, Kurecik: Blast & Bullet resistant windows and doors to USACE - NATO.
• Curaçao: Bullet resistant windows and doors to Min. of Finance, Netherlands, Phase 1.
• Balgat, Turkey: Blast resistant windows and doors to USACE facility.
• Kabul, Afghanistan: Blast & Bullet resistant Sliding windows to Guard Towers.
• Antwerp: Blast Resistant Windows and Blast Resistant Doors to a Petro-Chemical facility.
• Oslo, Norway: Anti-Shatter Films + Anchoring Systems to Government Buildings.
• Lagos, Nigeria: Anti-Shatter Films to the VIP Airport Lounge.
• South Sudan: Blast Resistant Windows & Doors to the Government's President Offices.
• Jordan: Bullet & Forced Entry Resistant Windows to the Ministry of Security & Crisis Man.
• Royal Netherlands Embassy: Energy Absorbing Blast Windows + Cable Catch Systems
• Kabul, Afghanistan: Blast Resistant Windows to KAIA ISAF HQ's
• Kabul, Afghanistan: Bullet Resistant Sliding windows to Entry Control Point Guard Towers
• Kandahar, Afghanistan: Blast Resistant Doors to Kandahar Airfield
• Kunduz, Afghanistan: Blast resistant windows & doors to ISAF - Netherlands Forces
• Turkey: Cable Catch Systems + Anti-Shatter Films to corporate Intel HQ

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