Blast Resistant Facades

At WINDOW GARD we Design, Engineer and Manufacture blast resistant aluminium and aluminium-steel armoured security facades that satisfy creative architectural requirements while protecting the occupants at the highest possible industry standards and beyond.

With combined protection against Blast, Ballistics and Forced Entry, we are proud to deliver unique products that outperform any profile system supplier. Where some stop at blast testing with 500kg TNT, we go beyond and successfully test with 1000kg TNT.

Tested and certified in line with the international certification testing standards such as the ASTM-F-1642-04, DoD UFC4-010-01, GSA-TS01-2003 and the European EN 13123.



• explosion resistance: up to 361 psi, 348 psi-msec, GSA level 2, ASTM: No-Hazard
• bullet resistance: up to FB7-NS or UL752 Levels upon request
• forced entry resistance: up to RC5 (EN)
• configurations: full glazed. Arched, sloped and 3D-envelopes.
• direct fastening to concrete or RHS
• option: cast embed plate or tube subframe (mechanical/chemical)
• finish: powder coat PPC or anodized
• laminated glass-glass configuration or glass-polycarbonate (tints on request)
• ready-to-install windows packed in specialized export crates
• installation materials included: trims, fasteners, EPDM, backing rod, sealants
• supervisor and installation teams on request

          OPEN ARENA BLAST TEST FACADE                              

WINDOW GARD worldwide references:

• Governments, Airports, Banks, Petro-chemical, etc.

With experienced teams of installers and supervisors that are equipped and adapted to the installation challenges in any part of the world, Window Gard is a full service provider in infrastructure security upgrades: from design to manufacture, supply, installation and project management.





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