Cable Catch Systems + Blast Safety Films

Standard glazing that is subject to violent explosive forces such as terrorist attacks and industrial explosions, will result in lethal flying glass fragments entering a room.

When glass is solely treated with Blast Safety Window Film and the blast pressure exceeds the tensile & break strength of the film, the majority of the glass shards will likely remain attached or adhered to the film as 1 sheet. Such flying glass sheets cause large numbers of serious injuries. - see video -

WINDOW GARD offers solutions that upgrade the protection performance of standard glazing and combines energy absorbing Cable Catch Systems to prevent complete glass panel/sheets from entering a room at higher blast.


• explosion resistance: GSA Level C, Level D and higher per design
• open arena blast tested: 400KG ANFO
• steel S235 (A36), AISI 316, 6X7-WSC
• technology: Energy Absorbing
• configurations: horizontal / vertical
• finish: powder coat PPC - RAL colors
• direct fastening to concrete, brick or hollow brick walls (chemical)

• retrofit installation: Quick and easy to install
• supervisor and installation teams on request

OPEN ARENA BLAST TEST WITHOUT CATCHMENT                              


In combination with Anti-Shatter Film ('explosion resistant film') or laminated glass, it is designed to 'catch' the complete glass panels/sheets in a blast event. When the filmed or laminated glass hits the cable, the Energy Absorbing components are activated, which enables the 'catching' ability and significantly reduces the load transfer to the wall structure.

Depending on the blast load, the wall construction type and window opening, the WINDOW GARD® Cable Catch System (German: Energieabsorbierendes Seilfangsystem) can be engineered to fit any practical window opening size. Consulting us during the evaluation process will allow you to determine the correct model of blast mitigation system and its proper installation design.


WINDOW GARD worldwide references:

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands (overseas Embassies)
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark (overseas Embassies)
• KPN Telecom HQ
• Undisclosed clients

With experienced teams of installers and supervisors that are equipped and adapted to the installation challenges in any part of the world, Window Gard is a full service provider in infrastructure security upgrades: from design to manufacture, supply, installation and project management.





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